Keres Security


The Mobile package is a situation tailored service, where we supply clients with vehicles and crews to move safely in any environment, whether it is via boat, on the ground or air.

Our professionals are able to offer route planning, risk assessment and rapid incident response for any scenario.


Our EOD experts are all explosives professionals and have served in an EOD function. Their ability to provide up to date training on ordnance theory, training and ordnance disposal remains unparalleled.


Keres offers K9 dogs, K9 training and accessories, Handler services and full package lease services for K9 and handlers, explosives training and victim recovery training as well as anti drug sniffing K9s.


We offer various training and instruction packages for military and non-military personnel, from basic martial arts training for self-defense, to close quarter combat training, escape and evade training and survival and more.

Cargo and Convoy

Keres offers protective and transportation services in all environments for both people and goods. Keres provides all support, services and equipment to the client’s specifications.

Kidnap And Extortion Pre-deployment Training, Country Familiarization And Pre-incident Consultancy

Keres is proud to offer services for those who are undergoing a traumatic experience of a kidnapping. Our specialists are professional handlers for these scenarios and understand the dynamics and sequences of the crisis, planning and preparing to minimize the levels of stress, ultimately ensuring the safe and timely release of the victims.

Furthermore, Keres offers services and tools to prevent these situations from occurring. By doing proper risk management and training, we give our clients the necessary tools to avoid these situations.

Pre Deployment training and Country Familiarization and Pre incident consultancy

This is a service that allows military and non military individuals to train to work and live in a new, unfamiliar environment. Keres offers all the tools and training for Personal security issues and crisis aversion in new hostile territories, whether it’s for a short personal, business trip or a group deployment.

Institutional and Personal Security

Institutions such as Banks, Hospitals, Schools, concert venues and more are now becoming increasing targets of threats and attacks. These attacks do not directly focus on the institution but rather the environment around it, to disrupt their functions by harming employees, innocent and unwilling participants.

Keres provides training to Institutions and Personnel to protect themselves. Training focuses on training an aware mindset that is able to help the individual identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Ultimately to protect the individual in case of an attack and aid those around to escape unharmed.

Keres Explorer


Keres commercial Explorer services are aimed at companies that are operating or planning to operate in new, hostile environments with uncertain political stability. Our experts are able to consult on the political and economical nature of the host country as well as reputational considerations of our clients, where are our training staff is dedicated to training and maintain security for infrastructure, personnel, machinery and IT.

Keres services Includes:

Identification of secure sites office and residential sites, Risk management, due diligence and pre-operation on site risk identification Selection and screening of local professional service providers, Political, operational and security services

Our aim is for our clients to operate their business in the host country without fear and interruptions, thus we facilitate political, commercial and security services as well as establishing local roots to local politicians, businesses and businessmen.

Keres Tech


Keres is proud to offer a spectrum of UAV packages for any need, from the smallest portable UAV used for local missions such as disaster recovery aid, to large, self contained systems used for border protections, surveillance or long term missions with air time of over 72 hours. All UAV systems are tailored to the client’s requirements for marine, land or air operations.

Border Protection

Keres has extensive background in border protection services, from providing simple guard and patrol services and training, to building border protection infrastructure with the accompanying technology to extend surveillance over vast uncharted and physically unreachable areas.

Furthermore, Keres offers services for border entry control such as proprietary facial recognition hardware and software as well as passport scanners, database and IT support services.

Surveillance and counter surveillance

Keres is proud to offer services for both Surveillance and counter surveillance, whether it be physical, digital or through innovative covert tools.

Corporate Information Security

A well-protected company is one that can function without worry. We aim to provide the most secure IT services for Technical Counter Measures (TSCM), Communication and cyber security.

Tools / Hardware

Keres is an innovator in the hardware field; we offer a vast product assortment of tools for all our services and build to customer specific needs.

Disaster Relief

Keres works with numerous partners to provide disaster relief functions. From supplying equipment, food services and medical aid to removal and rebuilding of damaged infrastructure. Whether it be building new roads or providing assistance in building and transporting and oil refinery, Keres provides the necessary tools.


Whether it be building new roads, providing assistance in building an oil pumping station, digging a mine or organizing the transport logistics of goods, Keres provides the necessary tools.

Keres Commerce

Keres is a producer and supplier of Defense Industry tools and equipment, please get in touch for your requirements